Common Mistakes To Avoid When Applying To College

Transferring from high school to college is a stressful and turbulent period for every teenager because this change exceeds simple change of educational institution. It is one of the most important decisions in life with the potential to determine your future path, but it is also accompanied by many other fluctuations, including emotional adaptations, typical for adolescence. Within all this stress and mess, many future students make banal, but significant mistakes when applying to college. Although consulting with professional is the best option, here are some my advice that helped me pass this phase successfully.

college consultantProofread before applying

You’re going to need application letter and essays that should be fulfilled properly and written in high quality. To avoid some obvious mistakes or neglect some wrong aspects, ask your teachers, college consultant or even parent to proofread these documents.

Avoid the last moment actions

I know you’ll be overwhelmed and stressed and in panic, but avoid completing required tasks right before the deadline. Sending application on the mere day you are due to will cut you off the chance to get feedback and notification about potentially missing documents or information. It will also present you as messy and lazy to the authorities.

Present yourself in the best possible manner

When fulfilling application, writing an essay and providing the college with information about your current educational achievements and interests, use every opportunity to describe your talents, skills, extracurricular activities. Neglecting this aspect might turn out to be missed the chance to stand out.

Forgetting to ask for teacher recommendations

These are your strong argument and a proof of your educational achievements, do not forget them. Also, avoid asking teachers to write you recommendations at the last minute, be on time and provide them enough time to write a quality letter. It’s for you own good.